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5 Common SEO Issues and How to Fix Them

Even if you think you are correctly doing SEO audits periodically, there seems to be something wrong with your website.

It is frustrating to hear that your clients or web visitors complain because they can’t access your site, it loads too slow, it has broken links or you have duplicate content. These issues are primarily technical problems with your search engine optimisation or SEO.

In this article, we will help you discover common SEO Sydney mistakes and offer solutions when these occur on your site.

What Are the Common SEO Mistakes?

Businesses spend thousands, if not millions, of dollars on SEO yearly. Why? Because SEO in Sydney is a powerful marketing strategy to gain customers or clients, the ones who patronise businesses. However, most business owners need more time to focus on this side of marketing. SEO is a technical matter, and it requires the expertise of someone in the said industry. 

The online presence of every business is crucial to its success. And to take hold of it, business owners should identify problems before they lose their customers.

1. Broken Links

This can happen when a link pointing to a specific web page does not work. This can be due to various reasons, but most often, it is because the page has been removed, changed or is no longer accessible.

To fix this, you can use Google’s free service, Google Search Console, and access ‘Crawl’ to see crawl errors or 404s or any crawl program like Screaming Frog. Have your SEO expert or SEO agency in Sydney fix those non-responsive pages immediately so that this issue won’t turn your web visitors away.

2. Slow Website Speed

One potential cause of slow website performance is outdated or missing software that your web host provides. You can check to see if these programs are installed and up to date by visiting the websites for those programs and checking for up-to-date versions. You don’t want to increase your bounce rate if your website speed loads later than 3 seconds.

Another potential culprit is the many active requests your website is receiving at once. This can be caused by people using your website simultaneously or by bots or spiders crawling your website. To reduce the number of active requests your website receives, you can use caching plugins or change how search engines index your website.

Finally, your website’s server load might be causing slow performance. You can check your server load using a load-testing tool or monitoring your website’s real-time response time. Consult with the experts in SEO Sydney before your SEO problems get worse.

3. Duplicate Content

When you have duplicate content, it can lead to extra work for your technical SEO team, and it can also lead to lower rankings. You will need to identify the sources of the duplicate content and then take steps to remove or prevent it from appearing on your site.

Duplicate content can be eliminated through technical SEO. Certain techniques, such as using a content analysis tool to identify the same content, can be used to identify and remove duplicate content. Additionally, using canonical tags and linking to the most authoritative content versions can help ensure that Google considers all versions of a piece of content.

4. Broken Images

When the image on a page is not optimised, you’ll get a broken or slow-loading image. This is common, especially when there are missing Alt tags. You should fix this right away.

One option is to use a CDN. A CDN is a content delivery network that helps distribute your website’s content across many servers. This can improve your website’s loading time. You can also use image compression tools to reduce the size of your images. 

You can also include a link to a hi-resolution version of your image on your website’s footer or header. An SEO agency in Sydney can help you sort these things out.

5. Not-Mobile Device Friendly

The number of web users navigating the web using their mobile devices is unimaginable. This is because almost every person on the planet depends on their mobile device for the Internet. So, if your web page is mobile-friendly, you are gaining more than half of the population in the world. You can do a few things to make your website more mobile-friendly. 
  • Make sure all your pages load quickly on a mobile device. Use compression techniques and ensure your images are small and optimised for mobile devices.
  • Use a responsive design approach. This means adapting your website’s layout to different screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Consider using a mobile-friendly domain name or hosting service. This will help your website load more quickly from a mobile device.
  • Consider using a mobile app to interact with your website. This will allow visitors to access your website from anywhere, even when not connected to the internet.
  • Make sure your website content is tailored to mobile users. Check if all your text is limited to 72 characters and your images are scaled down to fit on a mobile screen.

How Can I Fix My SEO Problem?

SEO can be improved by ensuring that the website is optimised for search engines and users. Here are a few things you can do to fix your technical SEO problem:
  1. Ensure that all your website’s pages are optimised for search engines. This includes ensuring your titles, meta tags and other elements are appropriately coded and spelled.
  2. Find and use keywords throughout your website content. This includes using prominent keywords within the text of your articles, in the title tags and other headings and the URL tags of your web pages.
  3. Implement link-building strategies that link to high-quality websites that share the same or similar keywords.
  4. Regularly review your website’s analytics to see how your traffic is performing and make any necessary adjustments.
  5. Contact the best SEO agency in Sydney, like us at HMG Digital, to help you improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Effective SEO requires ongoing maintenance and monitoring, so it’s important to have a plan for regular updates and modifications. Overall, SEO is a continuing process that requires constant vigilance and effort to achieve optimal results.

HMG Digital: Your Trusted SEO Partner

When you have analysed the SEO issues bugging your website, SEO can be improved by ensuring that the website is optimised for both search engines and users. This includes creating well-written and user-friendly content, using keyword-rich titles and descriptions, ensuring the website is easy to navigate and by using link-building strategies.

If you want a fully optimised website for your business, trust HMG Digital. We offer the best SEO packages in Sydney. Contact us today at (02)-9158-6100 to learn more about our services.

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