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Local SEO: 7 Tips To Increase Your Rank On Google Search Engine

Are you a business owner who wants to increase your local searches on Google? Then, you are in the right place! Because when it comes to local SEO, Google rankings play a vital role. 

People are searching for the best products and services in their surroundings. And you want your page to pop up on top so they can know about your products and services. So, local searches are crucial, especially for small businesses

As per records, 46% of Google searches are about local information only. That’s why you have to optimise your website for local SEO. If you’re unsure about how to do this, then you can enlist the help of an SEO agency in Sydney.

In this article, we will share some tips to increase your rank on Google search engines.

What Is A Local SEO Service?

Before we move forward to know some of the tips to improve your business rankings on Google, let’s first understand what are local SEO services.

Local SEO is a part of SEO that follows a strategy that helps the business to be found on the top lists in the local search results or pop up on the first page of the Google results. Businesses use these strategies to improve organic traffic from searches done by local or nearby customers. 

In simple terms, local SEO services are used by businesses to improve their visibility when any local customers search for it online. 

Why Is Local SEO So Important?

Now that you know what are local SEO services, connect with us at HMG Digital. We specialise in SEO and have more than 22 years of combined experience in this field. 

As mentioned above, 43% of Google searches are about looking for local services. You also must have searched, like ‘best restaurants near me’, and a list shows up. Likewise, people must be searching for the services you provide, and you also want your target customers to know about your deals and services. 

You might have the best deals to offer, but if you’re not on the first page of the search engine, then you are missing out on the traffic and power you can create for your website. Hence, it is crucial to have local SEO services from a trusted SEO agency in Sydney to optimise your site. 

7 Local SEO Tips To Improve Your Rankings On Google

  1. Optimise Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business plays a significant role in small businesses. Create and verify on Google your business page and then encourage your customers to leave a review there. This is an organic way to traffic more. Google needs to recognise your business so that it can push forward your website on tap local searches. 
  1. Engage On Social Media and Google My Business 

Create a separate business account on social media and post pictures and videos to attract customers. Also, add posts on your Google My Business profile. Keeping your business location, name and contact details up to date will make it easy for customers to reach out to you.
  1. Run A Local SEO Audit

SEO is a changing process. You must keep updating your website by making changes and seeing what works best. With this, a local SEO audit from a reliable SEO agency in Sydney can help.  Look for the information uploaded. Are they accurate? Does your page rank well on Google? Are the citations accurate? What rankings do your competitors hold? 
  1. Optimise For Mobile

Mobile devices make most searches, so your website needs to be optimised for mobile. Using Google’s mobile-friendly test, you can know if your website is mobile-friendly. If your rankings are low, then you might have to work on them. Our SEO services at HMG Digital can help you out in this matter.
  1. Create Relevant Content

This one is the best way to increase your Google rankings. You can generate relevant content with keywords in favour of your website. It could be in any form. Be it products offered, descriptions or blogs. You can also add relevant keywords, which include your location, to increase the rankings.
  1. Improve The Website’s Link-Building 

Link-building can also increase your rankings on Google. This can be gained through the following: 
  • Ask customers to link to your website.
  • Be part of online communities.
  • List your website in business listing websites. 

  1. Optimise URL, Content, Meta Title And Description

Another crucial way to boost your Google rankings game is to write different contents, which contains not only information but also links, meta title, description and high-volume keywords. If you want to come up with location-targeted write-ups, you can contact us at HMG Digital. We have experts who know how to push your website on top searches. 

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