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SEO Agency Sydney: Factors to Consider When Hiring One

Hiring a great SEO agency isn’t easy. So many agencies out there claim to be the best, making it difficult for businesses to trust. After all, you want your business to succeed, and hiring an SEO agency in Sydney is one of the ways you can make that happen. 

However, not all of the SEO agencies you bump into are trustworthy, and it’s easy for unscrupulous agencies to take advantage of naive business owners who aren’t savvy in marketing.

If you’re looking for a great agency but aren’t sure where to start, we have some advice on what makes a great SEO company.

What Makes a Good SEO Agency?

The number and type of clients a company has serviced are the first indicators of whether it fits your business well. A great agency will serve various clients, from large corporations to small-scale local businesses. It should have experience with your industry and will have proven techniques for achieving results for clients in your niche.

Furthermore, a good agency should demonstrate that it can achieve results for your particular business, industry and niche. It should be able to show you results from past clients in your industry or sector, so you can see what type of results you can expect. There are many different approaches to SEO, and finding an agency that’s right for your business means finding one that employs the right strategies for your website.

Be sure to look for an SEO agency in Sydney that specialises in your industry and has experience with your type of business.

Does Location Matter?

That’s why there is local SEO. Local SEO is an SEO strategy to help your business become visible on Google’s search engine results page. If your company has a physical location, it will benefit from local SEO. People in your area will easily find your business online if your SEO agency is skilled in local SEO services.

How Do You Choose the Right Agency?

Sometimes, it is tough where to begin when choosing the best SEO agency in Sydney. Given that Sydney’s central locations are the eastern suburbs, North Sydney, South Sydney, Western Sydney and Sydney CBD, you need to lay some factors to select your SEO agency carefully.

• Reputation

Your first step when hunting for the best SEO agency in Sydney is to figure out which agencies are the best in the business. To do so, you’ll need to do a little research and consider the agencies’ reputations. Start by reading reviews, both online and offline.

If the agency is based in your city, you might also consider stopping to see if they have an office. If they do, you can also ask to talk with a few current or former employees. You can also request to speak with a few of their existing clients. You can even check industry forums and groups or even a local business owners’ association to see what people say about SEO agencies in your area. Check if the agency is a member of any industry organisations or has won any awards for excellence in the field.

• Expertise in Your Industry

Great SEO agencies will have experience running campaigns for clients in your industry. This shows that they know what works and doesn’t for your niche and can apply those principles to your website.

SEO is constantly evolving, and search engine algorithms are changing. If an agency still uses a strategy from several years ago, it’s unlikely to give your site the boost it needs now. If your agency doesn’t have experience in your industry, it likely won’t be able to achieve results.

• Success With Past Clients

A great SEO agency will be able to show you results from past clients in your industry or sector. Ideally, the agency should have a few case studies they can offer you, with a wide variety of businesses and industries represented among them. You want to see proven results for a variety of clients, so the results for your business can be compared to the averages for those industries.

• Proven Track Record of Results

A proven track record of results shows that the agency knows what it’s doing and can rank sites in highly competitive industries. You can also use these sites to get a sense of what agency they are focused on. Is it content? Design? Or on-page optimisation? 

• Transparency

Unfortunately, not all SEO agencies are honest about their practices. Some agencies may employ shady methods designed to trick search engines into ranking sites, which may work for a limited time. However, if an agency tells you they’ll ‘guarantee’ first-page rankings for a particular time, this is a huge red flag.

There’s no way to predict how Google’s algorithm will change, so any promises of guaranteed rankings should be a huge warning sign. A great SEO agency in Sydney will be transparent about their methods, explain how they work and offer a clear breakdown of what they’ll do for your business. 

• Expert Recommendations

You can learn a lot about an SEO agency simply by talking with the people responsible for managing clients or working on campaigns. But sometimes, you can learn even more by talking with the experts in the field.

If an SEO agency has worked with industry luminaries or reputable experts in your niche, it’s a good sign that they do quality work. And if they have worked with an expert who has publicly recommended them, it’s even better.

You can use Google to search for expert recommendations, or you can reach out to experts in your field on social media or through email. You can even comment on one of their blogs and ask if they’ve worked with any SEO agencies in your city.

HMG Digital: Your Trusted SEO Agency in Sydney

Hiring a great SEO company can be a tremendous investment for your business in the long term, but it can also be costly. That’s why finding a great SEO agency that only uses proven, ethical and effective methods is crucial.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to find an excellent SEO agency that will propel your business to greater heights. Whether you’re looking to grow your existing website or start a new one, hiring a great SEO company can help you achieve the desired results.

At HMG Digital, we are always hustling to deliver results. As a trustworthy and reputable SEO agency in Sydney, we will let you experience what the best SEO agency means. Contact us today for more details.

Take your business to a NEW LEVEL.

Begin your SEO journey with us.

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