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Booking Confirmed

You’re Almost Done! 😄👍

We have sent the appointment confirmation to your email. Go ahead to add the event to your calendar so you will be notified for your call.

Critical Next Steps:

Step #1: This will be a Zoom call, you can find the meeting link in your email. If you’re more than 7-min late the call will be cancelled. My time is valuable and so is yours, if you can’t make the meeting please reschedule as far in advance as possible.

Step #2: Please make sure you’re in a quiet room and ideally on a laptop so i can share valuable insights about your website, business, your market and competitors. No calls while you’re driving etc.

Step #3: Take some time to go through our case studies and come to the meeting prepared to to learn about how you can use SEO to grow your business.

We are selective with who we work with. On the call we will ask a handful of questions to make sure there is a good fit. Once we determine a fit then we will discuss what it looks like to work together.

Speak soon!